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Meet Your Rival

Road to the Fightimal Master

Meet your rival, Lyle, in a cutscene from ROAD TO THE FIGHTIMAL MASTER.


Character Bios

Road to the Fightimal Master


MC (Player Character): Lives with his parents and older sister in Down Town, home to the world’s first Fightimal Academy. MC has grown up fascinated by Fightimals and has always planned on becoming a world-class Fightimal trainer.


Punch Bunny: An ex-Fightimal recruited with her brother at a young age to join the region’s most renowned fighting league. She was put out of commission after trying to free herself and her brother from the strict and relentless demands of their trainer, Boss.

When the game begins, MC has determined that now is the time to befriend their first Fightimal and set out on the Trainer’s Journey, but this proves tricky when their first Fightimal has no interest whatsoever in acquiring a new trainer.

Freed from her Fightipod 20 years later by MC, she refuses to fight under a new trainer, instead enlisting MC on her own quest to take down Boss and finally rescue her brother.

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