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I have over 10 years of experience authoring, redesigning, and publishing content for interactive applications.

Video Games and Interactive Fiction 
  • Published a one-hour demo of a modern jrpg game, Road to the Fightimal Master

  • Developed original character sprites and customized walk cycles

  • Composed looping music for towns and battle scenes

  • Published a 20-minute interactive fiction, The Fight

eLearning and Online Assessment
  • Adapted text-based trainings for K-12 teachers of reading into 1- to 3-hour eLearning modules using Adobe Captivate

  • Developed custom Moodle course structure with interactive, multimedia lessons and assessments for Grades 6-8 students

  • Sourced, recorded, and edited audio narration for animations and training and programmed closed captioning

  • Developed and reviewed ACT, Inc., online assessments for compliance with web accessibility standards

  • Transferred assessment items for a series of textbooks to an online content bank

Game Development Blog

Follow me at to track my ongoing video game and interactive fiction development.

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